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About Nepal
Nepal is a beautiful landlocked Himalayan nation locked between India and China which is officially known as Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Nepal has so many natural gifts to offer to the nature and adventure lovers. Nepal is the country of Mount Everest and birthplace of Gautam Buddha. There are so many dashing facts about Nepal which are enough to introduce this country to the world community. However Nepal has limited geographical coverage of 147,181 square kilometers, it has plenty of natural blessings that have decorated this tiny Himalayan nation. Due to its natural perpetuity, many people consider Nepal as the paradise of the world with exceptionally gifted beauty, wonderful and diverse culture and biodiversity.

Nepal is a secular state which was formerly a Hindu Kingdom. We have geographical, cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity. In fact, culture and tradition holds a great importance for Nepal. Nepal is rich of many typical unique cultures which is the key to attract people all over the world. Nepalese people believe in the ancient Hindu philosophy that Guests are our God. Nepal, in many aspects the best destination for those who want adventure tours in their life. And you will have the best travel experience in your life here.

Nepal was closed to foreign visitors till 1951. However, after opening the borders for all outsiders, the context has changes dramatically. People from around the world got chance to observe its appealing and peerless mountain panorama, along with other natural and cultural richness. Travelers come here to observe the beauty of nature, awe-inspiring highest Himalayan ranges, rivers, caves, and cultural heritages.