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Manaslu circuit trek costs

Manaslu circuit trek cost depends on the time you do the trekking and the way you are doing it. If you trek during high season, you shall be charged quite high, and you shall have to arrange your gears as per the weather. The way you trek, the agency you choose, the gears you carry, the duration of the trek, etc. have a lot to do with the cost of the circuit trek. In addition to these, your personal attitude towards expenditure during the trek also makes a difference in the total cost figure. Since the cost an agency charge you for the trek differs because of so many reasons, the best way to know about the price is to make individual inquiries with the different agencies.
March to May and September to November are considered the high seasons, with October in particular. This is the perfect time for trekking and for the locals to earn money, after waiting for a long time. Thus, the cost you might be charged during this time obviously is higher in comparison to the off season trekking. However, you might want to consider the level of difficulty trekking in other months. Some of the teahouses in the highlands are closed December to February. Trekking in the winter isn’t impossible, however, you shall have to make through lots of miseries. You have to make through icy sections at some places, and movability is highly impacted by the weather. Also keep in mind that trekking during the winter season means buying gears of winters that might increase your overall cost of the gear, which, if not controlled properly, might be higher than trekking in another season.
Trekking via an international trekking agency increases your cost, as this increases the number of middlemen sharing your payment. Thus, to bring your Manaslu circuit trek in control, trekking via a local trekking agency is a must. Since some of the regions in the Manaslu region are declared restricted by the government, you cannot do this trek alone. You must be trekking in a group of at least two members, and must be accompanied by a porter guide or professional guide. Similarly, the longer the duration of the trek, the higher the cost. But ensure that your trek isn’t ruined in your attempt to conservative control of the cost.
Nepal Himalayas Trekking is a pioneer trekking and travel agency in Nepal with its attractive history of successful trekking since its establishment. We are a group of dedicated, motivated, proactive, and knowledgeable professionals helping trekkers make most out of their trek. For any trek in Nepal, do remember us. 
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