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 Nepal belogs to the southern Asian country is frequently popularized as the name of himalayas country or the birth place of lord Buddha.Nepal is the landlocked country which lies between the two gaint country India and China on its border. Geographically Nepal is divided into three region and they are hilly, mountain and terai. There is the presence of different lifestyles of people, tempreture and many others from one region to another but all these three regions are highly decorated by the amazing and beautiful creation of the nature.  Nepal comes under the second richest country in terms of water resources as there is the presence of many himalayas due to which many lakes, ponds , rivers are formed. 
                                                            Nepal is naturally and culturally beautiful nation in the world is the very perfect place for exploring only with the beauty and purity of the nature. To see the real beauties of nature, Nepal is the only that place which may surely feast the eyes of anyone. Hills ,mountains, himalayan series, many endagered animals and plants such as one horn rhino, yarcha gumba, leopard etc are the attracting part. Out of 14 highest peak of the world 8 are belogs to Nepal including the top of the world Mount Everest(8848 m ). More than 200 peaks are above than 6000 m which opens the door of many trekking trails having the both adventure and moderate. Most of the people are hindus and some of them follow Buddhist, Islam and Christianity.People are enaged in farmers and a very few are joined in business. They all are very good naturated and helpful and always respect the others and welcome the guest with great smile.        Due to the perfect exporing time in Nepal some parts of it are listed in to ten position of  loney planet for the place to visit. As there is the high possibility of tourism in Nepal now many youths are attracted towards it and had opened the travel desk so do Nepal Himalayas Trekking, a lprofessionally leading treking agency of Nepal is providing the quality services to the client. At first Nepal HImalayas Trekking listen the queries of the clients and make the suitable planning for them in a best budget way. It is the government registered company which specilized for all the services related to travel and tours such as trekking, rafting, bungy jumping, canoying, hiking and so on.