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Top reasons why you should go Manaslu trekking

Some of the treks in Nepal are over-popular and over-developed, letting you very little chance to taste the originality and purity of Nepalese culture and lifestyles. Located at the western region of Nepal, Mt. Manaslu (8, 163 m)—the eight highest mountain in the world, is the important figure for which this trek is named. Every trekking enthusiast might have different reasons to trek; some might want to enjoy the wilderness, or the challenging adventure in the unknown land, or some might love to explore the culture and tradition of people living in another part of the world. In such scenario, explaining why you should go Manaslu trekking can be quite difficult. However, following are some of the reasons that you might be interested at:

One of the best remote treks in Nepal 
manaslu trekking
Everest Base Camp trekking and Annapurna Base Camp trekking are the most prioritized treks in Nepal. They have remained some of the widely desired and destined treks for trekking enthusiasts around the globe since many years. But needless to say, Nepal boasts some eight mountains with altitude over 8,000 m. After the Mt. Everest as the highest mountain in the world, there are Mt. Kanchenjunga (8, 586 m—3rd highest), Mt. Lhotse (8,516 m—4th highest), Mt. Makalu (8,485 m—5th highest), Mt. Cho Oyu (8, 188 m—6th highest), Dhaulagiri I (8,167 m—7th highest), Mt. Manaslu (8,163 m—8th highest), and Mt. Annapurna I (8,091 m—10th highest) in Nepal. You shall be trekking on off-the-beaten trails, through several remote villages and valleys. Most area to the Annapurna Base Camp is going under construction, and there are many teahouses and lodges targeting the trekkers. However, the Manaslu trek boats the intact natural composition, cultural assets, and wild adventure giving you the best opportunity to reap the lifetime experience of this trek.

Less busy trails with few trekkers
manaslu trekking

Needless to say, Manaslu Trekking is less popular and less prioritized trek in comparison to the treks such as Everest Base Camp trek or Annapurna Base Camp trek. This is why you shall see less number of trekkers in the trails of Manaslu region. It can both—be a good part or bad part, depending upon what kinds of preferences you have. Some trekkers do not like trekking in busy trails, rather want to get dissolved in the wilderness with as much few hiking partners as possible. While, some other do not hate having some strangers hiking ahead or following. However, October is the busiest month of this region, no matter how less number you find in comparison to other trekking packages. This trek is the best package for all those trekking enthusiasts who do not like busy trails. You shall embark your trek with perfect peaceful atmosphere and venture the remote areas never losing that peace of mind and calm routes.

Less expensive
manaslu trekking
Since few trekkers choose this trek, the teahouses and hotels throughout the trek offers very limited facilities, with focus only on the basic need and requirements. Similar is the case with food; you might not have several varieties of the dishes, and most of the times, as you ascend higher, the items begin to appear repetitively. Due to the complex geographical structure, it is difficult to transport foods and vegetables in these high altitude areas. Which is why, the higher you ascend the costly becomes the food. However, in comparison to other treks, cost of food and accommodation in this trek is less expensive. Manaslu region was considered the best route for trekking with camping. As the teahouses started to be established, the need of camping decreased drastically. You can still do camping in this trek, but there are sufficient number of teahouses to stay at. New teahouses with increased facilities are being established. Many teahouses were destroyed during the earthquake of 2015; almost all of these teahouses have been restored, and the routes have been restored. The cost of accommodation can increase as you ascend higher and higher, with decrease in the facilities being offered. However, these costs are relatively cheaper than those you might have incurred in other treks.

Rich cultural experience
manaslu trekking
Throughout the trek, you shall pass by various Mani Walls, Prayer Wheels, monasteries, Chortens, etc. The inhabitants at the highlands are influenced by Tibetan culture to great extent. As you visit the Tsum Valley, you might see the pure and original culture. The valley has its own culture, language, still maintaining the practices of ancient Buddhism. Also known as the Hidden Valley, the experience at this valley can be a phenomenal opportunity for you to enrich you cultural awareness; you shall get the best chance to have the close up exposure with the typical lifestyle, and everyday lives of the local inhabitants. Not every trekking package gives you the best opportunity to enrich your knowledge of culture added by the staggering views of mountains, beautiful landscape, and spiritual touch. You shall always have plenty of memories to store, and you would love to lament on these pleasing moments.

Moderately strenuous
manaslu trekking
This trek requires moderate fitness; you aren’t required to have athletic body shape and capabilities. Keep in mind that your body can endure waling on rough terrains for some days in a row. Also ensure that no any problems related to bones or ankles or knees is bothering you; otherwise, you might not have pleasant feeling in doing any trek. Walking for 6-7 hours isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially carrying your rucksack in the high altitude areas. Some prior trekking experiences can be added advantages while doing this trek. These experiences make your body familiar with the high altitude atmosphere, and help you adapt while the air is thin containing less amount of oxygen. If you can manage, exercising few weeks before your trekking can be helpful to you. Exercise help you endure long duration walking and brings your body in proper shape and condition. However these aren’t mandatory, rather they make your trekking experience more effective and efficient.

Generally, safe
manaslu trekking
Manaslu region suffered some devastating destructions during the earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015. However, almost all the routes and teahouses have been restored and repaired; you do not need to worry about any potential insecurity from the aftermath of the earthquake. The parallel efforts of the Government of Nepal and the local people have contributed in clearing the road blockades caused by landslides and recovering the trails. Similarly, though everybody is prone to altitude sickness, proper acclimatization helps you to avoid it. You need to take sufficient rests, go slow, and never be too much excited to complete the destination in hurry. There are plenty of teahouses and other places where you can rest. It is also important that you adopt hygienic habits of food intake. Pay proper attention to your personal hygiene. Drink plenty of clean water; better carry purification tabs or drops along with you.

Possibilities of several side-tripsmanaslu trekking
Another important part of this trek is that you can make several side-treks during this trek and spend more time at the destination you prefer. Pungeen Gomba, Birendra Lake, etc. are some of other trips you might love to make. Between Shyala and Samagaon, you can side trip to Pungeen Gompa. Via the Yak pasture, reaching where takes you about an hour, you shall reach at the Gompa after another couple of hour. As you reach at the end of the plateau, you shall arrive at the Gompa. The scenic landscape shall captivate you for a moment. In a clear day, you can enjoy the staggering view of Mt. Manaslu from here. Keep in mind that there is no any teahouse or hotel at this place, thus, you must return back in time. March to May, and September to November are considered the best time to do any trek in Nepal, including around the Manaslu trekking.
We can customize the itinerary of this trek as per your preferences. Let us know within the reasonable time about your preferences, we shall then make adjustment and arrangements so forth. Nepal Himalayas Trekking is a leading trekking agency in Nepal that has been taking trekkers from around the world to several trekking destinations successfully since years. We are a group of experienced, dedicated, committed, proactive, dynamic and knowledgeable professionals. For more information about this trek or our services, please, do not hesitate to contact us; we shall be pleased to hear from you.
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