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   Who don’t like to enjoy by doing trek with beauty of Nature? Each and every human being likes to spend their times with the nature. The mountains, lakes, rivers, streams etc are the things which easily attracted them. So in order to see, to enjoy the beauty of nature one can like to go for a travel all around the earth. There are lots of activities done in travelling: trek, hike, paragliding, rafting, city tour, village tour etc. Among all the most famous and well known travel is “trek“. The word “trek” is an African name literally means “pull, travel” and become an English language in 19th centenary means a journey on foot. Hence, the word trek is described as a long adventures journey towards the rural areas on foot. Here the means of modern transportation is not available. Trek basically offers the   spectacular scenery of Himalayas, many endangered animals and plants, flora and fauna, lakes, pond, rivers, streams,  forest, hills, villages and many others.
       People basically want to go for a trek to refresh their mind and to free from daily stuff. The trek is only one activity which is fully based on nature. It offers the quiet and awesome times of everyone that may quickly change the mood of ones. The trek is done towards the country side where the modern infrastructures are not available. It is totally free from the busy cities. That is why trek is regarded as the superb travel. During trekking, one has to walk 5-7 hrs daily hence it needs physical and mental.  There will be the chances of changing the elevation , somewhere ascents and descents. The trekking days are different from one trekking trails to another. Depending upon the trekking days and trails the trekkers needs to carry the daypack as requirements. Most of the trekkers hire a guide and porter. The guide will give him all the information of the trekking points and porter help to carry their stuff. To make more adventure and fun, some trekkers also hire a cook.
If we talked about the   trekking destination in the world they are numerous such as: Everest Base camp trek, Indian Himalayas, Annapurna base Camp trek, Inca trail, over land trek etc. And among them, the country of Himalayas Nepal, offers the world best adventure trekking trails. There are more than 200 mountains above 6000m above the sea level.8 out of 14 highest peaks of the world including the top of the world, Mt Everest(8848m)   lies here. The most attracting trekking routes are: Lang tang trek, Annapurna trek, Everest base camp trek, upper dolpo trek, lower dolpo trek, jomsoom muktinath trek, rara lake trek etc. All these trekking routes offer the spectular sceneray, flora and fauna, many endangered animals etc. Nepal is also rich in culture; trekkers get the opportinity to collect the new experience of Neplese culture.
We Nepal himalayas trekking a professinal leading agency of Nepal lies in the heart place of tourist that is in thamel, kathmandu, Nepal.We arrange  Adventure Tour, Hiking, Trekking etc. We are well known trekking operator of Nepal. We organize excellent packages to our clients. We always welcome all of our clients from around the world for attaining the various adventure activities. We provide you the government liscence holder guide as well as all the necessary items. If you need more information feel free to contact us.